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The Disadvantage of Laser Printer

Innovations are everywhere–even in printing. Nowadays some printing business outlets use laser printers instead of a printer’s toner. What is a laser printer? A laser printer is an electrostatic digital printer that produces high-quality graphics and text through the repeated passing of a laser beam over a cylinder or drum that is negatively charged.

Although laser printers produce high-quality print and can last longer as compared to the performance that an inkjet printer can provide, it still has few limitations that should be addressed.

The first and probably the biggest limitation of laser printing is that it is expensive. The cost of the high-end and most expensive inkjet printer is ironically the cost of a low-end color laser printer. For instance, the black and white laser printer is equivalent to the price of the latest color inkjet printer. Even more expensive is the multifunction all in one laser printer with a built-in copier and fax.

Another costing disadvantage is the laser printer’s cartridges. Note that a cartridge may cost almost the same as the cost of the printer itself; the reason why most people purchase a new one when the cartridges expire in 2 years.

Laser printers cannot be ideally used in humid or hot climates because running these printers make a room very hot, up to 200°C.

Laser printers only work on a specific type of paper. Photographs cannot be processed with the laser printer as it cannot print high-resolution images. Photographic papers cannot be fed as well with laser printers.

Another limitation that laser printers exhibit is that they have factory-limited memory storage. This means some fonts may not be used for printing as they cannot be recognized by the laser printer. What owners do to increase the color laser printer’s memory is to purchase a RAM board.

The more expensive the faster your laser printer is; the cheaper it is, the slower its printing process. High-end laser printer models can only print about 12 pages in one minute however they are not practically affordable.

Where to Find Printers that will Work Best for Your Needs

A printer or copier is one of the most important equipment you have in your office. It is important that you properly manage the costs and expenses associated with your printing needs. Purchasing one may require you to allot a considerable amount from your budget. The good thing is, there are copier leasing companies that allow you to use and eventually own a printer at your budget’s convenience.

What can a copier lease do for you? The lease program offers a convenient payment on a chosen machine as long as the client uses it. Options such as ownership and trading for a newer model are available. Sometimes copier lease is far better than owning and buying a printer outright.

If you hang around, you will find several copier leases in Columbus that offer to finance different types of printers. The copier leasing services available in these companies will give you the option to acquire better machines for your business or office.

Leasing companies have flexible terms which may fall from 48 to 63 months. Many business organizations consider these list terms as more feasible and cost-effective. This leasing program will let you be a practical investment especially when your company is just starting yet and capital is still scarce.

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Copier leasing services in Columbus can give you some of the best options to own or trade a copier or printer be it an inkjet printer, a laser printer, or other models. You may not even worry much because copier leasing companies guarantee services for repair or accessory replacement.