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Things you Need to Know Before Buying a Printer

Finding the best partner in life is the same as buying the best-to-buy printer. With so many models and a lot of updated specs in each printer that is advertised today, it could be difficult to find the right one. 

To make sure you will not regret the best printer that is suitable for you and just in your area, here are some things you need to know before buying a printer

  1. Choose within your budget

Though some may say that buying a printer the first thing to check is the quality, try to figure it out first with your budget. Quality is still the best thing to check, however, there are still a lot of printers that are of good quality yet of a cheaper amount to invest. 

With a lot of printers, I have checked that most of the low-priced printers have expensive inks. Since inks are a permanent ingredient, it may be a lesser amount to spend in the first thing but greater expenses in the later part of the printing process. 

So, try to figure out how much your initial budget for buying a printer or you may check later prices of ink in the next printing process to go. 

  1. The right ink to choose

Printers have different ink cartridges. And with different cartridges comes along the different inks to choose from. There are three common ink cartridges to choose from in the market. 

The two ink cartridges have black and the other one composes all colors in the second. These two ink cartridges may lessen your expenses for future ink consumption.

The four ink cartridges have separate cartridges for black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. This is a good way to figure out which color you have the least amount and need to buy. Though the cons of buying this type of cartridge were too many inks to buy for daily printing consumption. 

The last cartridge type as of the moment is the inkwells. It has a very different way of ink refills as it has large refillable wells and does not use cartridges. With these, you can stock a lot of inks that can be used for thousands of printing copies. 

  1. Print Quality Check

We always want the fastest printers in town. But, try to check the number of printed copies you are allowed to print. The fastest printers may not satisfy your needed quality. 

A great example is the printers used in newspapers are very much different from printers used in magazine printers. Newspaper printers may be the fastest but you don’t expect them to print glossy or high-quality images in copies. 

  1. Additional Feature is a Plus

New models of printers have additional features as they are being introduced in the market. Some of these are all in one feature, where they can print, copy, scan, and fax. 

Though most of the printers of new models offer these features, try to check some innovations like being controlled through wireless connections, remotely printing mechanisms, and mobile applications where you can readily edit images, or documents before printing without a desktop or laptop. 

These features are now a start-up innovation in some printers. They may be found in the latest features and may be of great price, but in later years, printers with these features will exist in the market. 


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There are too many variables to check when choosing the right printer to buy. We hope that some of these features to check can be of great help in finding yours. 

Always bear in mind that the right printer will always feel right according to your needs. So, make a checklist and explore your local stores. We’re sure that they can readily assist and answer your inquiries!