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Difference Between Leasing and Renting a Copier Machine

When entering a business or running a company, there will always be situations wherein you should decide for the best. One of these decisions that you will make is how you’re going to avail of a copier machine.

Copier machines are expensive, but the office needs one or more to function. If you think that buying one will be risky or cannot afford it, you have two options. You can avail of copier leasing services or, you can rent it.

Choosing between copier rentals and copier leasing tends to be confusing. Some people think that these two choices are just the same. Each of these options has its benefits and disadvantages. To guide you in your decision, we would be more than willing to tell you about its differences.

Renting a Copier Machine

Renting copiers tend to last for a month. You should rent if your business has many copying tasks to do and if it varies each month. Rent if you plan to use the copier for a short time. Copier rentals have a more flexible plan. This is recommended if you’re still a beginner.

The contracts can allow you to add maintenance packages, which will be an advantage if there is a problem regarding the copier. Choosing this over copier leases would allow you to have easy access to the latest released copier machines. You can also upgrade or downgrade your chosen copier.

However, there can also be disadvantages in copier rentals. You will spend more on renting compared to leasing. There can also be a possibility that if you continue to rent a copier for a long period, you can spend more money than you should have spent if you just purchase one. You should also take note that you would never own the equipment.

Leasing a Copier Machine

There are times that businesses more or less are interested in owning a copier machine, but they can’t afford to pay it all. This is where copier leasing takes place. Compared to renting, the designated time is longer when leasing a copier machine. It can last up to 12 to 60 months. You can also choose to return the machine or own it once the contract is finished. You should continue to pay it until the agreed time.

The benefits of copier leasing include flexible contracts, good quality service, and access to bundle agreements. Some companies choose to upgrade the copier they have chosen, which will be possible depending on your agreement.

If your company has a constant high requirement of copying, choose copier leasing. Copier leasing is the most effective option to fit your time and budget. You can also add maintenance packages to your leasing agreements. Choose to invest in copier leasing in Columbus to ensure your success in your company.

Between copier renting and leasing, copier leasing is cheaper. The machine’s cost would be divided for many months and years. Aside from this, there are also more taxable profits here than renting.

To conclude, if your company has many copying tasks to do and it wouldn’t change for a long time, choose to lease a copier. On the other hand, if your workloads are not constantly high and you don’t want to commit for a long time, you can choose to rent a copier. Choose according to what you need.

If you’re thinking that copier leasing is complicated, choosing the right copier leasing services will greatly help you.

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