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Got An Offline Printer? This is How to Fix It

While an online printer is prevalent nowadays, offline printers aren’t out of the trend yet. Many small and big companies still use offline printers because it has their convenience. You can still use it when the internet connection is out, and you don’t need to update it often. 

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Are you checking the basics?

Whenever your offline printer is acting weird, the first thing you should check is the plug. It may not be appropriately connected, or else maybe your socket is not working. It would be best if you tried plugging your offline computer into other power sources. 

If, however, it doesn’t turn on yet, or it just blinks for a few seconds and then disappears, check the wire of your printer. It might be defective, and there must be any bites and cuts that prevent the power from getting through.

Make sure you plugged it out before fixing it with electrical tape to avoid any power leakage. Ensure your USB cable is securely connected to your computer. You may also want to try a different USB cable if you think it is a problem. Or try plugging it into another USB Port. If it works, this means the previous USB Port you’re using has some internal issue. 

Aside from the wires, you also have to check your paper tray. Some printers are sensitive and won’t be on when the paper tray is missing. Some were designed this way to check your printer and look for the paper tray the moment you realize it’s missing.

If your printer is turned on, perhaps, but you don’t see it online on your personal computer, check the cable connecting your computer and your printer. If the same problem does not disappear, try restarting your printer. 

Please turn it off and on and press the start button of your printer. Restarting could help your printer scan its system and find any files it missed the first time you turn it on. After this, your printer will usually work as it does before. 

Does Cleaning Fix The Problem?

Cleaning an offline printer is not a problem. 

A lot of times, your printer is not functioning at its best because it is dirty. One of the most essential on any device you have is to make sure it is well cleaned. Because a speck of small dirt when piled up can also create internal problems for your printer. 

And when this happens, you might need to look for a professional to check the inside of your printer. This would cause you a penny or more, and nobody wants that. To prevent this from happening, make sure your printer is placed in a well-ventilated area with not much heat and cold. 

In this way, no dust would be sticking in the lines and gaps of your printer. They won’t get inside and won’t cause you any problems.  It’s also essential that the place you put it is clean, and you clean them often.

While we’re on the cleaning part, clean your computer too, including the ports. Because dust that sticks there would also cause your printer to act weird. 

Check the Menu 

On the settings of your computer, kindly see if the printer is recognized under the “Printers and Scanners” section. Disable your printer device and then enable it back. If you have successfully readded your printer, set it as a default printer so that your computer would automatically look for your printer whenever you’re about to print your papers. When you’ve done all of these, and still nothing works, that’s the only time for you to contact your manufacturer. But I have high hopes one of these could fix your printer!

Check for any irregularities and fix your offline computer now! Just follow the steps I’ve given you above, and I’m sure you’ll get to use your printer like usual. 

You may be printing many papers in your work or school, so you need to take the steps into your mind. Luckily, it’s so easy to memorize.