Single-function Printer or an MFP For Business Needs

Are you trying to buy or lease a printer but don’t know what kind of printer you should get?

There’s been a debate about which printer is better, the single-function or the multifunction printer (MFP). If you’re undecided on which one best fits you, we have the answers on what you want to pick.

Single-function printers are the kind of printers where it only prints, that’s it. It’s simple to use and works like any regular printer you mostly see.

MFPs are not just an ordinary printer that prints, but they can scan pictures and documents, send faxes from another printer, and photocopy. It’s a printer, scanner, and fax machine rolled into one. It holds a lot of purposes.

If you’re still unsure which one you need to get, here are the advantages and disadvantages between these two.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Single-function printer


1. Affordable – This kind of printer only has one function, and it prints, so it’s cheaper than an MFP. And because they have less spare equipment and parts of the machine, it costs less to call maintenance.

2. Colored printing – With MFP, it mostly prints black and white, but with a single-function printer, it can operate with any kind of colored ink when you’re printing. And it also has a good printing quality.

3. Not too complex – Since it only prints, it doesn’t have too many buttons and devices on the machine, and it functions quickly. 


1. Limited functions – With this kind of printer, it’s only working with one function and not multiple. If you’re looking for a printer that scans and sends fax machines, this is not for you.

2. Not the best for a busy office/business – If you’re working in a small environment, it’s fine to rent or purchase a single-function printer. Still, if your office environment is hectic and busy, it’s not the best fit because it doesn’t multitask like other special printers. 

Advantages and disadvantages of an MFP


1. Saving money – With MFPs, it’s a type of machine and equipment that holds many purposes. So you don’t need to buy a scanner, photocopier, and fax machine. Buying more equipment will cost more than just buying one MFP. Even though an MFP can cost more than a single-function printer, you save a lot when buying one machine rather than multiple. 

2. Hold up space – If you have a small office, an MFP is a great machine to purchase or rent. You don’t need a lot of equipment, and an MFP can save up space.

3. Environmentally friendly – Not only it saves money and space, but you also get to save energy as well—no need for additional costs when having so many machines. An MFP only needs one outlet that saves up power consumption. It can also reduce waste because you get to save up ink and cut down supplies. By having MFP, you can stock up supplies for just one machine. No need to stock up a lot for other machines.


1. Prints black and white only – Almost all MFPs print black and white. It mostly functions with those two colors. It mostly prints only those colors because the scanner and photocopier are functioning into one printer, so it can be hard to put other colored ink.

2. Maintenance/repair cost – Replacing equipment and parts from MFP is harder than a regular single-function printer. It’s difficult to replace spare parts or upgrade an MFP because it functions altogether. Having so many devices will completely shut down if it breaks, and nothing will work. Repairing it will cost more than buying or renting a new one.

3. Takes up your time – Even though it functions as a printer, scanner, and fax machine, an MFP can waste your time, especially for your employees, when running a huge business. If you have so many things to print or photocopy, it will take time. That’s why MFPs are recommended to most small businesses.

Overall, a single-function printer and an MFP are meant to be in small offices and businesses, but one can just print, and the other one can multitask. One can cost less than the other, and one can work faster than the other because of the printer’s complexity.

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