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The Benefits of Digital Copiers Over their Analog Counterparts

It is a fact that technology is something to witness. Gone are the days when analog copiers ruled the business world. Good thing that there is a constant search for the finest digital copiers, and today they are on-trend. Copiers used to be analog until digital copiers offered terrific features that are not available with analog counterparts. 

How to do Analog Copiers work?

Analog copiers work on a light that passes over a lens and is replicated onto a photosensitive surface. It has a high strength that requires fans to keep the machine cool and work smoothly during the photocopying process. Indelicately, the fans attract dirt and become coated with a film of grime and dust that result in low-grade copy quality. The analog machines don’t have a memory, so it requires a scan for each copy that needs to be reproduced. 

How do Digital Copiers work?

Digital copiers store a digitized, scanned document to be copied. Once the scan is digitized, you can now enhance and eliminate errors before printing. The mechanism used in digital copiers is just like in the laser printer. It relies on interconnected mirrors and sensors to imprint the intended paper with an image that draws the toner through an opposite charge. 

Digital copiers have indeed substituted analog copiers. Though digital copiers still reproduce light, the light does not need to be the high intensity required in analog copiers. This is one of the reasons why it does not need fans for cooling, and it attracts no undesirable foreign objects such as debris and dust into its optics. 

The light used in digital copiers is echoed into a unit responsible for translating dark and light into binary signals. The scanned document copy is projected into a drum using a led array or laser. Its hard drive keeps the file for future use. 

The Benefits of Digital Copiers Over their Analog Counterparts

Why Choose Digital Copiers over Analog Counterparts?

  • Size

Analog copiers are enormous machines that require more space, while digital copiers only require a small space in the office and home settings. You can use it in office and home settings without encompassing the workspace. 

  • Quality

The difference in the Quality between the analog and digital printouts is extremely stark. If you make a photocopy of a photocopy, it is evident that the Quality can be reduced with every reproduction. The digital copier can provide a clear original copy, making the printout bright and sharp. 

  • Cost

The in-store price of a digital copier is somewhat high compared to the analog one but rest assured that it can cost less in the long run. For instance, digital copiers have fewer parts that require maintenance. The repairs and maintenance will be cost-efficient with fewer parts. Digital copier toner gives excellent page yield. It simply means that you can easily print more pages in just one toner cartridge. 

  • Excellent Functionality

Since digital copiers use internal memory, you can effortlessly transfer images to different digital devices. You can also send document files via fax or email with digital copiers. Aside from this, you can connect the digital copier to your network to obtain a top-quality network scanner and printer. 

  • Improved Efficiency

Due to the multi-functionality of the digital copiers, workflow efficiency at your office will surely increase. Employees can fax, fold, staple, and print right from their computer desktop. Making a switch to digital copiers eliminates and reduces the need for print jobs. It can save you money and time. 

  • Slighter Carbon Footprint

Digital copiers go into sleep mode to save power when not in use. Since you can print more pages in one cartridge, it simply means good for our environment. 


As digital technology lingers to advance, digital copiers will continue to provide excellent functions and create top-quality printouts. Make sure you get one today while some still fit your budget. 

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