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The printing business made a booming industry in the previous years. It ranked one of the fastest rising markets along with the paper industry. But as we try to figure out in our current situation. We can figure out that we are losing the demand.

The pandemic had caused a landslide in the business sector massively. The lockdowns caused the market to fall. The online business became the major source of access almost in every need. There are reports about large printing factories that have closed for the market to adapt to the decrease in demand. But these things are isolated cases that we should consider. Even if the internet has invaded access to technology, the printing industry won’t die just that easily. 

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Two of the biggest industries for printing are advertising and marketing. They helped grow other businesses through search engine optimization (SEO) effectively. Recently, advertisers and marketers relied on online advertising; developing videos on the media platforms made it easy to access just scrolling the focused ads.

Somehow it becomes annoying to some users unable to stop the ads from appearing in the videos. Sometimes they turn to ad-blockers for the option. On the other hand, the printing industry makes people interact more, whether to see it or not. 

This made the printing industry more trusted than what the internet does. Some customers still find affiliation in person better because they can choose a way more personal.


Digital marketing is way too expensive. Marketers spend more on digital advertising. That is why more of them still believe in the value of print materials. Many still choose printed magazines.

The argument between the digital and printed industry has risen along. However, many people still predict that even if companies can still spend money on their digital market but the basis of the human touch, the print industry will still grow no matter what the trend is.


Print media is attributed more to the success of the print business. It can be through large printed ads in magazines, newspapers, or billboards. Many businesses use smaller-sized flyers or leaflets for marketing their products or services. This is because not all people are obsessed with social media. Many won’t waste time scrolling the websites. The print material available on their hands makes it more visible to them for a closer look at it personally.


Even if some consider this century the world of the internet and technology, there will always come a time when not everything digital in form can invade the majority of interests. Not all people spend time on social media. Some people would find comfort in sitting at a table and sipping some coffee and reading the newspaper. 

The printed media will never die for sure. It just changes and evolves in a generation. The printed machines and papers technology helped it be more attractive to read. Some people have interests in cutting papers from the printed magazine and storing it as part of their collection. 

I guess the printed industry did not die. The argument of which one makes ahead does not matter really. It depends on the people’s choice of interest of which one fits their needs better. It depends on the type of market you are into. 

An important factor to consider is that the printed industry will never die for generations to come. It has become part of how we made it in the past without the rise of technology. What part of living in history will always stay to linger.